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Slammin' Sliders

Slammin' Sliders: We're here in #LongBeach for #FoodTrucksonBroadway till 9pm, we are in front of @Baddeleys Pourhouse 3348 E Broadwa… https://t.co/WdnSeHhZVC

Umami Burger

Umami Burger: Truffle Burger or Sam's Crispy Chicken.... or both? Satisfy every craving at our location at @hudsonhotel! ????: @ny.… https://t.co/gp9vCekGxp

Rounds Burgers

Rounds Burgers: Great burgers are an art -- a very delicious art. https://t.co/n5NgEB3bV4

Baby's Badass Burgers

Baby's Badass Burgers: The BURGER BABES LOVE #ElSegundo! We're back for lunch today until 2p! Look for your favorite burgers at 909 N. Sep… https://t.co/DrmcHIxZb7

El Burger Luchador

El Burger Luchador: Nobody gets into China shipping without a twic card

B&R Burger Truck

B&R Burger Truck: I'm at City of LA Personnel Department in Los Angeles, CA https://t.co/ANu6xafY7R

StuffNIt Burgers

StuffNIt Burgers: My week on Twitter ????: 1 Tweet. See yours with https://t.co/jyLLynayeo

Bison Burger Truck

Bison Burger Truck: Blue cheese stuffed bison burger,only at smog city beer,every Saturday till end of the year… https://t.co/F9Ds73RcqH

The Patty Wagon

The Patty Wagon: Doors up at 5900 Wilshire! Open til 2! #PuttinOnTheRitz on board! #grassfedbeef #miraclemilefoodtrucks #lacma… https://t.co/7uld5yLN2z

Burger Monster

Burger Monster: CATCH THIS FLYING TOWER OF BURGERS AT CONCERTS IN THE PARK TONIGHT ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? • ????:… https://t.co/Vc5mJV0dMg

The Burger Bus

The Burger Bus: The Bus has arrived!! Now all we need are locations and employees!! Anyone have leads on either,… https://t.co/s3fitse063

Pie 'n Burger

Pie 'n Burger: Catch the truck tonight while watching the Pasadena Pops tribute to Billy Joel. Arboretum in Arcadia.


Hamborghini: My very own website! RT if you like what you see: http://t.co/4cyKbeIisH #MyProWebsite #ItsThatEasy

Big G's Roadhouse

Big G's Roadhouse: There are 6 rubs available...Carolina Kick,Memphis blues,K.C.Royale,Big Tex,Brisket/Prime rub/And the Jammin Jerk https://t.co/BgR8zBPxmx

Cheer Burger

Cheer Burger: RT @ie_foodtrucks: Ontario - Food Truck Friday at Camden Apartments - 950 N Duesenberg Dr from 5pm-9pm - @cheerburger Free Event - Open to…

Da Burger Boss

Da Burger Boss: RT @SpencerMelville: I'm going to get The Patrolman on Sunday. Like, that is the best burger I have ever had in my life @daburgerboss

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