Buttermilk Food Truck

Buttermilk Food Truck
Description: Started as LA's first gourmet breakfast truck and now bringing our pancake and baking mixes to homes, stores and restaurants!
Menu: Buttermilk menu
Category: Breakfast (Breakfast) Vegetarian
Yelp Rating: (428 reviews)
Website: http://t.co/kYWlNQpGhq

About Buttermilk (from http://t.co/kYWlNQpGhq)

The Buttermilk Truck brings homemade breakfast favorites to the streets of Los Angeles using our key ingredient, BUTTERMILK, in almost all our menu items. Buttermilk provides you the most important meal of the day, catering to those who are too busy to make breakfast and those craving breakfast after a long "fun" night. Buttermilk Truck takes pride in making our Buttermilk biscuits and assorted breakfast pastries from scratch and baked daily. Our Buttermilk pancake, waffle and donut batters are also all made from scratch and cooked to order. WE at Buttermilk truck LOVE breakfast and we want to share it with you!

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Overall Rating:
Based on 428 reviews

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Heaven! Alright, this one is no less than a little heaven on the planet. Buttermilk Truck - you are just an ace! Like seriously, undoubtedly the best place... read more
Posted by Levi F. on Yelp.com

The Buttermilk Truck is one of my favorite LA food trucks. I was excited that they were at Las Vegas Foodie Fest. They had a limited menu but we weren't... read more
Posted by Heather N. on Yelp.com

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