Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches Food Truck

Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches Food Truck
Description: Gourmet, hand-crafted super unique ice cream with an architectural twist. Our ice cream sammies, pints & bars can be purchased here:
Category: Dessert (Ice Cream Sandwiches) Vegetarian
Yelp Rating: (740 reviews)
Phone: (310) 853-8995

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A Coolhaus is many things. It is an architecturally inspired ice cream sandwich. The Coolhaus consists of all-natural handmade ice creams of classic and seasonal varieties or custom-made to suit your needs, packed between two cookies of your choice. The Coolhaus is set in your hands in an edible wrapper custom-printed upon with edible ink to commemorate a place, person or event.

A Coolhaus is also an ice cream sandwich truck; a converted postal van with chrome rims (or Rem's), a pink top, and a fold-down bar and table. The Coolhaus truck is happily driven by architects, designers, developers, artists, bakers, actors, writers, musicians and people from other walks of life.

A Coolhaus is also a thinker, a thinker about reclaiming public and urban space for eating and gathering, when and where it is least expected, or when it is invited to share its decadent treats with interested eaters. A Coolhaus is an innovator about how to reinvent or redesign food with epicurian sensibility but also with a search for sustainability and minimal waste. A Coolhaus is passionate about food, where it comes from, how it is made, and how it is given to the eater. A Coolhaus has a curiosity for the day-to-day gastro-experience and a devotion to the public for social merriment.

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Our workplace has rented the Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck on a number of occasions and all of my experiences have been great! I love that there are vegan... read more
Posted by Cari A. on

i had an ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookies and s'mores ice cream. i'm the kind of person who thinks there's only good and great chocolate chip... read more
Posted by Heather F. on

Got the Halo ice cream and wow definitely places amongst my top ice cream flavors / joints. The Halo features ube, pistachio, mochi, and other decadent... read more
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