El Burger Luchador Food Truck

El Burger Luchador Food Truck
Category: Burger
Yelp Rating: (37 reviews)

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watching Dunkirk at Regal Cinemas Promenade 13 https://t.co/yuZqX80Jti

Women crush Thursday miss tootsie! I'm going to meet u one day https://t.co/zwUFdiVdxP

YES!!! Is this considered juicing? https://t.co/Lobd9ilq0R

LA’s best underground chorizo maker goes brick and mortar in sleepy San Pedro https://t.co/aHhcSauY4H

The jack n the box is open!

Hey they put u guys on a stamp https://t.co/Vd1cWfDRH7

Running about 1 hr or so behind everybody

Still got a couple dz brisket tamales left $24 dz text me for delivery 424-558-6079

Check out this cool video of me @ work https://t.co/bYd23uNPQ3

Rise against savior https://t.co/Okj18WIipK


Overall Rating:
Based on 37 reviews

Latest Reviews

I have ate about eleventy jillion cows worth of burgers in my life, enough to surely lead to an array of medical complications on the way to an early death.... read more
Posted by Matt L. on Yelp.com

Last year my boyfriend and I tried their burger, and it was honestly one of the best burgers I have had in LA. Since then we have been on a hunt for them,... read more
Posted by Goje S. on Yelp.com

The best burgers around. read more
Posted by Jason O. on Yelp.com

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