Heirloom LA Food Truck

Heirloom LA Food Truck
Description: We are a Los Angeles based catering company that works hard to keep food simple. Check out our blog: https://t.co/VeMpzelPEm
Category: Italian Vegetarian
Yelp Rating: (95 reviews)
Website: http://t.co/yi9qkqQ70b
Phone: (855) 456-6652

About Heirloom LA (from http://t.co/yi9qkqQ70b)

WE ARE HEIRLOOM-LA, a Los Angeles based catering company that loves all things food and food related. As a full service company we can accommodate all of your set-up and design needs in addition to building a menu for your special occasion.

Our event manager, Tal, got his start at the illustrious Orso in New York where he moved from bartender to manager. Moving west he worked in event coordinating for Akasha, Kitchen for Exploring Foods and Joan's on Third. Through the years Tal developed close relationships with event vendors which has enabled him to swiftly evaluate a party's needs and potential curveballs before the party even takes place so that you don't have to.

After finishing culinary school, Matt worked for Gino Angellini who eventually sent him off to Italy to intern at a three star restaurant in Civitella del Lago outside of Orvieto. Centrally based on a small farm and completely self-contained, it is here where he learned the value of "farm to plate" in which all the pigs and chickens and rabbits ate vegetable scraps from the kitchen and then were left free to roam the property where they were eventually butchered and fabricated making use of the entire animal. Matt carries on this tradition for us at Heirloom-LA as he painstakingly seeks out small farms that respectfully and humanely raise their livestock so that you can taste the quality that is not offered in commercial meats raised and processed to maximize profit rather than flavor and integrity.

Conversely Tara was a strict vegetarian for ten years. She continues to explore creative protein alternatives that do not include processed substitutions but focus rather on whole grains, nuts, and legumes which she incorporates into desserts when requested. Working at Cake Monkey Bakery, Tara learned how to perfect classic recipes so that we can offer a beautiful finish to your meal. It is our mission to leave behind the smallest ecological footprint and to be proud of what we serve. We taste everything that goes out to ensure our high standards have been met. We cook with love and we cook with conscience.

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The first time I experienced Heirloom was out of their food truck by the Silverlake Library. This was several years ago. Since then I moved away from LA... read more
Posted by Mike G. on Yelp.com

Hosting a Fathers day brunch and the food arrived on time with a complete set up. Frittatas , baked goods, sausages,salmon plate ,waffles, crostini and... read more
Posted by Peter V. on Yelp.com

They catered a party for about 40 guests and did an amazing job. Not only was the food delicious, seasonal, local but it was beautiful to look at as well.... read more
Posted by Sonal R. on Yelp.com

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