South Philly Experience Food Truck

South Philly Experience Food Truck
Description: Food truck roaming the streets of L.A
Category: American (Philly Cheesesteaks)
Yelp Rating: (234 reviews)
Phone: (609) 464-1335

About South Philly Experience (from

Real cheesesteaks are cooked fresh, covered with American cheese, provolone or Cheese-Wiz and rest in a roll dripping with grease. Sound disgusting? You're obviously not from Philadelphia. Cheesesteaks were invented in South Philadelphia in the 1930's at Pat's Steaks, located in the heart of South Philadelphia. They were originally topped with a pizza sauce, (now called a pizza steak). There are a number of things you need to consider in your search for the perfect cheesesteak. First, there's the cheesesteak itself. As already noted, a proper cheesesteak is made with real beef - fresh, not frozen. It is cooked on a grill using grease. As it is cooked, it should be chopped to bits. You then choose which cheese you prefer and whether you want onions. When the sandwich is served the juices should drip from your cheesesteak. In order to avoid ruining their clothes, Philadelphians have learned, what is referred to as, the "Philly Lean", bending forward to eat the cheesesteak, instead of bringing it to your mouth.

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Overall Rating:
Based on 234 reviews

Latest Reviews

Props to a cheesesteak food truck for having a bona fide vegetarian option (broccoli rabe, mushrooms, provolone). Very good sub, but super messy and wrapped... read more
Posted by Andrew S. on

The best CheeseSteak in LA. They got Wiz and Amorosa rolls. These cheese steaks are magical and delicious. Greasy perfect vessels of goodness. I have been... read more
Posted by Regina C. on

Super authentic, from the food to the Philly accent from the owner. The meat is tender and full of flavor. The truck comes by downtown on Grand once a... read more
Posted by Nicole R. on

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